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rTMS 重複經顱磁刺激

穿顱磁刺激技術(Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation),是一種非侵入性、安全性高且極少造成不適的神經刺激方法。它藉由快速改變的磁場引發電流,進而有效地刺激大腦皮質或週邊神經。利用rTMS的磁脈衝刺激大腦情緒區域,可以使腦部釋放血清素等神經傳達物質,激活水平較低的區域,改變皮層神經元活動,進而活化大腦,改善憂鬱症狀。根據研究,患有「難治型憂鬱症」的病者在接受 rTMS 後,約有 40% 可痊癒,比起藥物的成功率高出四倍。

rTMS 於 2008 年在美國已核准用於治療抑鬱症,多年來已累積了豐富病例資料,歐美各地已有上千家專門提供rTMS 治療的診所。


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive, highly safe nerve stimulation procedure that rarely causes side-effect. It uses a rapidly changing magnetic field to induce an electric current, which then effectively stimulates the cerebral cortex or peripheral nerves.


Using the magnetic pulse of rTMS to stimulate the emotional area of ​​the brain can make the brain release neurotransmitters such as serotonin, activate the lower level area, change the activity of cortical neurons, and then activate the brain and improve the symptoms of depression. According to research, about 40% of patients with "refractory depression" can be cured after receiving rTMS, which is four times higher than the success rate of drugs. rTMS was approved for the treatment of depression in the United States in 2008. Over the years, a wealth of case data has been accumulated. There are thousands of clinics specialized in rTMS treatment in Europe and the United States.

治療服務Our Services

Combining rTMS with psychotherapy, this protocol aims at providing a comprehensive physiological and psychological treatment to people with psychological problems. Generally, 20 sessions of rTMS  are required for significant outcome. Individual psychotherapy will be provided immediately after the rTMS so as to achieve an optimal result.

rTMS ​每次收費包括心理治療費用: 面議

rTMS Each session with psychotherapy fee: Negotiable


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